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Welcome to Gameshire

GameShire is a tabletop game store located on Everett Mall Way in Washington that sells specialty board games, miniature war games, and trading card games such as Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Warmachine, Hordes, or Magic: The Gathering. We offer high-quality service and products to our customers. GameShire also features custom gaming tables so people can come together and play their favorite games in a friendly atmosphere. We also feature frequent events, including tournaments and paint competitions, as well as newbie nights for those who want to learn what these games are all about.

Please check out the Contact Us page for our stores location, phone number, hours of operation, and to contact us via email.

Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft April 19th!

Saturday, April 19th starting at 3:00pm we will be hosting a Born of the Gods/Theros Booster Draft. Each participant will be given 6 booster packs, 3 from Theros and 3 from Born of the Gods and you will draft cards from your boosters and those of your opponents until all cards are drafted. You may keep any common or uncommon cards you draft and the rares and mythic rares will be given away at the end, with the top finishers selecting their rares and mythics first. So if you want to guarantee your chance at the rare cards you see throughout the event, be sure to build a great deck and play hard!

X-Wing Store Game Day April 26th!

On Saturday, April 26th starting at 1:00pm we are hosting a 2014 Game Day Tournament for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game. All participants earn promotional prizes with the top winners earning additional prizes. Signup is $5 to play, so prepare your squadron to destroy those rebel scum/dirty imps!

Warmachine/Hordes Tournament May 3rd!

We will be hosting a Warmachine/Hordes tournament on Saturday, May 3rd starting at 1:00pm. This will be a 35-point, 1 list tournament using the Steamroller 2014 scenarios and rules. There is a $10 signup fee for this tournament and honor, glory, and store credit will be awarded to the top winners. Rounds will be timed using the death clock artifice.

You can pre-register for the tournament here. Your Battle Awaits!

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